The GAAPO incorporates Ordinary and Provisional members. The members of the Alliance manage various categories of copyright and related rights fields across the globe.

Ordinary Member

An organization may qualify as an Ordinary member if it:

Manages different categories of copyright and related rights fields;

Has efficient mechanisms for collecting and distributing royalties to creators and accepts complete accountability for administrating the rights assigned to it.

Effectively collects and distributes royalties to creators;

Performs its activities for the greater benefit of all creators rather than any particular segment or group;

Conducts its functions following Internal Regulations of the GAAPO;

Can demonstrate that its interests align with those of the GAAPO;

Has undergone a probation period as a Provisional member;

Complies with all relevant and applicable laws and regulations in operating countries.


Provisional member

Before being admitted as a member of the GAAPO, an organization must fulfil all the above-mentioned requirements and undergo a probationary period as a Provisional member. During the probationary period, an organization must demonstrate that it complies with the Internal Regulations of the GAAPO.

How to Join

We are delighted to expand our community to share experiences and benefit the common interest of better serving the creators worldwide.

To join the Alliance, a candidate must submit a completed membership application form and accompanying paperwork to the GAAPO Secretariat.

We commit to reviewing and evaluating each new membership application fairly and objectively. All applications are evaluated using the same set of criteria.

After reviewing each application, the General Assembly will either accept the applicant as a Provisional or Ordinary member or reject the membership application.

Please get in touch with us for additional information and to obtain the relevant application forms.