Member of the board

Valerii Kharchyshyn


Valeri Kharchyshyn has been a Member of the Board of GAAPO, the Global Alliance of Authors and Performers Organizations, since 2023.

Valeri Kharchyshyn is the Director General of the non-governmental organization – Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights, leader and vocalist of the Ukrainian band Druga Rika, an actor, and a public figure.

In 2017, Valeri was elected a member of the Author’s Council of the State Organization Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights. In 2018, he was re-elected as a member of the Author’s Council of Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights – UACRR. Due to the organization’s high activity and desire to bring authors’ rights to the European level in 2019, the general meeting of the UACRR elected him Director General. 

He has been working in the music industry since 1994. He started his career with Lyonok, a singing and dance ensemble, and Oreya, a choir chapel he subsequently directed. In 1995, Valeri and his friends created the band Druga Rika, still one of the leaders of the Ukrainian rock scene. In 2020, the musicians founded their label, Druga Rika. Druga Rika has held charity performances in Ukraine and overseas to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the Russian invasion.

Valerii was involved in entrepreneurial activities as a personal electronics supply manager, director of Deltacom and co-owner of the restaurant Bar Baraban. Valeri hosted the Hit Gotov program on the Ukrainian TV channel M1. He played in the enterprise Love Stories for Adults, performed the central role in the full-length feature flick Legend of the Carpathians and one of the main roles in Meeting of Classmates.